November 20, 2017


Don’t you want to do pottery full-time?
Nope! I tried it and realized that I need more human interaction during the day than being by myself in my studio offers. It was a great experience though, because now I am much more content to work full-time in a “real” job during the day and create pottery in my spare time.

Do you ship?
Yep! If you buy it, I will surely get it to you.

Do you take orders for custom pieces?
I have, but quite honestly, I prefer not to. If someone wants a fish 4″ high, 6 3/4″ long, with small (but not too small) scales, blue fins (not dark blue, just light blue), and a big mouth (more rounded than oval shaped), etc. it just sucks all the fun out of the creative process for me. But, if you have a general idea of what you’d like and let me interpret it, I’m open to that. Anytime I’ve done this, I have been fortunate to exceed my customers’ expectations.

Do you teach pottery classes?
Nope! Working full-time keeps me busy, so I treasure my studio time. I have friends who teach, so if you are interested just let me know and I will gladly put you in touch with them.